Basically using steps and other attentively factors for the tagging gun

June 30, 2014-China-The tagging gun is the device which has major function for the hang the tag onto clothing, socks, towels, mats, dishcloths and other common household items. As the introduction of technician from famous China sewing machine LED lamp and tagging gun manufacturer Dermay technology Co ltd, the principle of this tool is to let gun shoot the plastic needle into the object by certain steps. Generally speaking, the tag will be linked to the positions of trademark. Furthermore, this product could also be used for deal with other products such as hats, plush toys and other Textile products. Now, the technician from Dermay will tell each consumer how to use the tagging gun.

The correctly operation method has been listed below.

First, the operator for sewing accessories needs to mount the related types of plastic needle. The needle needs to be inserted into the top of the circle of the tag gun. Please pay ore attention to install the needle into the right position.

Secondly, operator should put on the label and then let the needle go through the hole on the tags and fabrics and then pull the trigger of the gun.

The third step should be the installation of the special blade. When operator inserts the tagging gun with new blade, they must be careful to reinstall it in the correct position where should be the top of the tagging gun.

After the inserting of the plastic needle, people could press the trigger of the gun to insert the plastic needle into the clothes and other commodities. Through the help of the inserted plastic needle, the tag could be easily attached to cloth.

Apart from the correctly using step for the tagging gun, each user should also know about that there are two kinds of tagging gun according to different thickness of the needle. The related operator needs to be sure to note the distinction. The thick tag gun should be very better to deal with the clothes with thick fabric. On the contrary, the fine tag gun is suitable for deal with the thinning or some high-end clothes ( The needle of the thick tag gun is thick so this sort of needle could be used for hitting big hole. On the other hand, the fine tagging gun¡¯s needle is thin so the hitting hole is very small.

The technician from famous China sewing machine accessories supplier Dermay technology also remind that please do not use the tagging gun hit human or animal as it will hurt them.

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