New technology become the main catalyst of today¡¯s football boots

June 30, 2014-UK-With the BREAKING OUT of 2014 Brazil World Cup, the football boot on the foot of each football super star has become the focus of each football fans. During this season of World Cup, all kinds of Nike GS such as the limited edition, customized version, engraved version and others have become countless. As the introduction of editor from famous cheap football boots online seller, the football boots should be the sports shoe that contains the most technologies. Each people should not forget the assistance of these high technologies. Without the help of them, the striker could not get good opportunity to have successful shooting. Now, let the editor from Soccer Pro Direct introduce with each fans some main technologies that have been used into the football boots on the playing ground of 2014 Brazil world cup.

The first one is the damping technology. The odd nail on Adidas football boots has brought about the revolutionary of soccer shoe sole design. Nike and Diadora have developed the mechanics of this ergonomic design to the extreme level. Nike first introduced cushioning technology zoom into the production of football shoes. The cushioning technology of Nike could be in the form of cushioning gel of the front and rear pocket of the insole. There are also some new technologies such as the Power Pulse technology.

The second remarkable football boot technology should be the minimalist and stable soles. In the Champions League two years ago, Messi worn Adidas F50 boots to get very excellent scores. Now, his specific football boot has been improved a lot. The F50 AdiZero miCoach already applied the synthetic material which thickness is only 1.5 mm which could allow players to ensure lightness and enhance the touching feeling between ball and the foot of football player.

The thirdly breakthrough should be the greatly enhancing of the the sense of ball touching. The editor from Nike Mercurial Superfly iv said that most of Brazilian star¡¯s boots apply the Nike Mercurial Superfly outsole. Nike Mercurial shoes have always been synonymous with speed. The high technology using and perfect designation could largely reduce the material between the foot and football. On the other hand, the dynamic fit high shoes neck let its contour has greatly improvement while bring with people a sense of better fiting and enhance the feeling of ball touching. Other critical technologies of Mercurial Superfly also include the famous Brio cable.

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