Application, storage and transportation of ion exchange resin has many attentively factors

July 10, 2014-USA-In the transporting and applying process of the ion exchange resin, there are many attentively points which the factory need to note. Today, the famous Macroporous Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resin and ion exchange resin manufacturer and supplier will tell people these attentively points.

First, the ion exchange resin contains certain level of moisture so this kind of product could not be placed in the situation of opening storage. It should be kept the related moist level in the storage and transportation process which could help to avoid dehydration and resin broken. If the ion exchange resin becomes dehydration during storage and transportation process, people should firstly soak these products with concentrated salt water (10%) and then gradually dilute these products. The rapidly water measurement should be totally avoided.

Second, in winter storage and using for the ion exchange resin, the temperature should be kept at a temperature 5 to 40 centigrade. The huge changing of temperature will affect the quality of this product. If there is no insulation equipment in winter storage and transporting, people can store this product in salt water and the concentration of salt water should be in line with the temperature changing.

For these ion exchange resins in industrial products, they often contain a small amount of a low polymer and the unreacted monomers. There are also some content of iron, lead, copper and other inorganic impurities. When the resin is contacted with water, acid, alkali or other solution, the above-described material will be transferred into the solution and then affect water quality. So, the new resin must be pretreated before using. Generally speaking, people should firstly use water to let the resin have full expansion and then apply the 4-5 % dilute hydrochloric acid to remove these inorganic impurities. On the other hand, these organic impurities could be removed by 2-4 percent dilute sodium hydroxide solution.

In the using process for the ion exchange resin, people should prevent directly contact with metals, oil pollution, organic molecular microbiology, strong oxidants and others. Good protection could help to ion exchange resin keep their capacity. On the other hand, people need to do some activation job regularly according to the actually situation. The related activation method should be based on the actually circumstances and conditions of pollution.

In addition to attentively points above, there are also many other situations which each user for ion exchange resin need to pay more attention. If people want to know more information about this, please get contact with the official website of famous supplier


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