The considerable meaning of the wasted PCB board recycling in current world

July 11, 2014-China-With the deeply penetration of the environmental protection concept in human¡¯s mind, the recycling of the waste PCB board becomes more and more important. Today, the famous China PCB supplier RCY PCB will talk with people the currently situation of the PCB board recycling.

Currently, the waste printed circuit boards on the market are mainly household appliances and other electrical equipment and devices such as telephones. Therefore, it can be divided into several categories for recycling. The PCB board which contains the electronic components should be firstly processed by the artificial dismantling and then disassembled for recycling. The PCB board which does not have the electrical components can be directly crushed and recycled.

The engineer from famous China PCB supplier circuit board supplier said that the waste printed circuit boards contain a lot of common metals, precious metals, organic resin, glass fiber and other valuable resources so the recycling for these wasted objects contain huge economic benefit. On the other hand, the waste PCB board also contains large amounts of toxic and hazardous substances. If the treating methods for these products are not correctly, it will do great harm to human health and the surrounding environment.

Waste printed circuit board certainly belongs to one sort of electronic waste almost all electronic products will contain the circuit board and there is a huge number wasting for PCB board in everyday on earth. The PCB board contain highest levels of copper content which is usually several times to the normally levels of copper mine so the copper recovery from the PCB board is very significant.

The recycling of metal elements in the PCB circuit board has very high economic value and the related research and technologies for this recycling is also very sophisticated. However, today¡¯s industry has ignored utilization of non-metallic materials in the waste disposal process and even some companies will dump these materials, resulting in potential secondary environmental pollution. Non-metallic elements generally account for more than 60 percent of the wholly PCB board. The main elements are the glass fiber, thermosetting epoxy resin and various additives. The engineer from RCY PCB said if these non-metallic components could be fully utilized it could not only ease the pressure on waste disposal but also could prevent secondary pollution and reduce material costs ( This perspective contains considerable economic and environmental significance.

The methods and technologies of how to effectively implement sound recycling of waste printed circuit boards and achieve its fully utilization has very important meaning for alleviate the pressure on the environment, prevent environmental pollution and improve the re-utilization of secondary resources to ensure the sustainable development of countries economy, society and the environment.


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