A Brief Introduction to AT&T Family Map

If you are looking for any location-based service which will work on your mobile phone, AT&T Family Map is a good option if you have an AT&T shared family account. You can not only use this service to locate your kids but also gain peace of mind. This service can be used to locate your family members by cell phones. You can find out the location of your kid when he is not at home and has gone somewhere with his friends and not return for long time.

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AT&T Family Map is a service that you can also get a 30-day trail if you want to try this service. Just sign up with the web application and choose your plan for service. There are many plans with different rates. For example you can have a service of $9.99 per month if you want to locate two mobile phones all of the month any time. After sign up you just need to configure the number of the cell phone those you want to locate. After entering the number, you need to assign those numbers unique names. When you press enter after inputting all the relevant information, the mobile phones that you have entered will receive a text message saying that now you can be located by this person. The service uses the identification number along with the message that you have to enter to complete the process.

The identification number is used to verify that the person you want to locate is your known person. If you don’t enter the identification or confirmation code that is sent on those mobile phones that you want to locate, you cannot get the facility of locating them. This gives right to a person that he or she will be located with his or her intention. After entering identification code now the service is ready for you to use.

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AT&T Family Map has made their user interface so user-friendly that even the person who has little knowledge about it can easily use this service. When you want to locate anyone, just click on the button “locate”, it will automatically find the location of the person whose number you have entered at the time of registration. The company has also developed a web interface that is easily integrated with mobile devices too. It means you can access the web interface through your mobile phone. But keep in mind that AT&T Family Map will only find the device that is in its area of coverage.

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